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DTPF Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
dtpf::BufferDescriptorA BufferDescriptor encapsulates information related to a particular buffer of data
dtpf::BufferGroupProvides an interface to a pool of BufferDescriptors
ConnectionEndpointConnectionEndpoint's provide a structure providing information about the inputs or outputs for a Node
dtpf::DataFormatDataFormat provides grouping and management of Parameters describing the data being transferred over a connection between two Nodes and the potential formats for a connection endpoint
dtpf::EventLooperRuns a message handling thread for a DTPF Node
dtpf::FileParameterFileParameter is a SpecificParameter with values identifying objects on the filesystem (e.g., files, directories, etc)
dtpf::GroupParameterGroupParameter is a SpecificParameter whose value can be is a selection from a group of items
NodeA Node is the primary unit of computation in models created using DTPF
NodeDescriptorNodeDescriptor's provide a structure to provide information about Nodes
dtpf::OnOffParameterOnOffParameter is a BooleanParameter whose value is either 'on' or 'off'
dtpf::ParameterRepresents a value and the bounds of that parameter
dtpf::ParameterGroupParameterGroup provides grouping and management of Parameters for use by DTPF Nodes and client applications
dtpf::ParameterTreeParameterTree provides hierarchial organization of ParameterGroupss and Parameters for use by DTPF Nodes and client applications
dtpf::ParameterTreeVertexA vertex in a parameter tree implementing the General Hierarchy design pattern for DTPF configuration parameters
PluginLoaderThe plugin loader is responsible for loading Nodes implemented as plugins
dtpf::RangeParameterRangeParameter is a SpecificParameter for numeric parameters with a value between minimum and maximum bounds with a increment step
RosterThe Roster provides facilities for Clients of the DTPF, and for Nodes
RosterClientInterfaceThe RosterClientInterface provides a message passing interface to the Roster for Clients
dtpf::SpecificParameterSpecificParameter extends Parameter to managing a value of templated type
dtpf::TextParameterTextParameter is a StringParameter with values that can be single or multiple line text strings

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