DataTime Processing Framework
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Information and documentation for framework developers.

Project Documents

Plan and Schedule (pdf)
: What we plan to do and when.
Requirements (pdf) : What the software needs to do.
Existing Software (pdf)
A discussion of existing software.
Use Scenarios (pdf)
How the software will be used.
Design (pdf) :
How the software is structured to meet the requirements.
Class Documentation
Initial documentation for DTPF classes, including internals.

External Product and Framework Information

Macintosh OS X
Information on Apple's OS X.
Installing ACE
Instructions for installing and configuring ACE on OS X.
Our preferred version of MUSCLE. This file contains the entire MUSCLE distribution. We plan to use a few portions of the code.

Development Tool Information

Working with CVS
Information on accessing our CVS repository.
The source code documentation tool we are using.

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